Jaime Vest – Standout Athlete of the Week March 3, 2017

Good things come in small packages.  That’s an old adage with which most everyone is familiar.  However, for Princeton senior Jaime Vest, that isn’t just a sentence, it’s a way of life.  Jaime has had to fight for everything she has achieved, including at one point, her life.  As her mother Tammy Vest says, Jaime was born premature and she believes her daughter has a higher purpose to mentor children.

Jaime does indeed love working with children and coaches not only a youth soccer team but also teaches youth basketball players as well. Her former teammate Brandy Snow says Jaime wants to give back and be a model for others because of those that have molded her.

Tammy Vest says while her daughter, who is only 5’3, is usually the smallest player on the court, she doesn’t let that stop her and in fact uses that as motivation.  And don’t let her small stature fool you, Jaime is fiercely competitive and always strives to make her teammates better.  Her mother says Jaime’s number one goal is always to win and she uses her skillset to make that happen.

Brandy Snow says Jaime’s work ethic is impressive and that for her former teammate, there is no offseason.  While on the court, Jaime’s mother says she takes pride in being a vocal leader and keeping her team amped up for each game.

School is also a very important aspect of the senior’s life, as evidenced by her 3.7 GPA.  Her mother says despite Jaime’s love of basketball, school always comes first.  Tammy Vest says while it can be a struggle at times for her daughter to maintain her busy lifestyle, she always finds a way and that sometimes means studying in the gym.

Jaime Vest has spent her life overcoming obstacles and now that she’s in a position to give back, she plans on becoming a teacher and continuing to mold children.  But don’t think she plans on leaving sports behind, she also wants to coach high school basketball.  And with how much she has already achieved, don’t bet against the smallest player on the court.