Kylie Shuff – Standout Athlete of the Week March 10, 2017

Kylie Shuff is a hard-working girl from a small town in Gilmer County, West Virginia who has combined her natural athletic ability with a fierce determination to succeed and the basketball knowledge passed down from her basketball coach of a father to become a sensation for the Titans and in her community.  It is for these reasons Kylie is this week’s Basketball Friday Night in WV Standout Athlete of the Week.  Kylie’s father, Gilmer County boys’ coach Steve Shuff says his daughter benefitted from playing against her twin brother and other boys as she was growing up.

Kylie, who was forced to play more of a ball-handling role this season for the Titans took the change in stride and as her head coach, Amy Chapman says, Kylie’s willingness to do whatever is necessary stems from her intense desire to win.

Steve Shuff says he believes growing up as the daughter of a coach helped Kylie understand the game and learn the proper way to play.

The senior has received a scholarship to continue her basketball career at Concord University and Coach Chapman says Kylie deserves it after the hard work she put in during her 4-years at Gilmer County.

Off the court, Kylie also excels and her father says in addition to her good work in the classroom, she has a big heart.

Coach Chapman says Kylie owes much of her success to her basketball IQ and her guile.

With all she has achieved at Gilmer County, Kylie has become a role model for younger girls in the area and her father says she has not shied away from that responsibility.

As her senior year winds down, Kylie Shuff is closing the book on what has been a very impressive high school career.  A Class A State Championship from a year ago, First-Team All-State honors and a notable academic profile will leave a lasting impression.  But the remarkable girl from Gilmer County is preparing to write a new chapter, as she readies for graduation and to continue her career at the collegiate level.